I’ve written seriously for about 17 years years and I’ve published 10 books in that time.  My first mystery is called “The Reluctant P.I. and The Redhead” and features the husband and wife team of Max and Maxine when they first met. Max pretends he is a P.I. and bluffs his way into tackling a problem for Maxine, resulting in a severe learning curve as they delve into a plot to clone people

I’ve also published nine books in the Billie Bly P.I. Series. Five of them are what I call Short books, 20,000 words or less. The others, “Bleeding Blue, The Facebook Killer, Death From Above, and Murder of Crows,” all are 80,000 + page turners featuring a hard-nosed female P.I. who takes on all sorts of villains in the mean streets of Portland, Oregon, my former domicile.

I recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico after living in Portland most of my life. After retirement, my wife persuaded me it was time for an adventure and she packed me up with all of our belongings and spirited me away to New Mexico.

If I make it sound like I had no choice, although a bit reluctant at first, I love New Mexico. My characters and books will begin making the transition as well. There are many exotic and interesting locales here to stimulate my plot ideas.

My new home in Albuquerque is known tor talented authors such as mystery icon, Tony Hillerman, and the fan-favorite T.V. show, Breaking Bad. Recently I visited Madrid, New Mexico, and the Diner where the movie “Wild Hogs” was filmed. It now sells motorcycle memorabilia and Wild Hogs movie-related items instead of food.

There is an old writing idiom which suggests you should write what you know so I will continue to utilize my diverse set of work experiences in my new location. I graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Journalism and worked as news and sports reporter on several newspapers, including The Oregonian, The Gresham Outlook, and The Idaho Statesman.

In my earlier years, I’ve been a Realtor and the head of a 6,000-member union representing health care and janitorial workers. I like to spend time with my family and grandchildren and do some fishing when I’m not writing.

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