I Still Love a Mystery

Posted: November 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

Mysteries at Your Command

I’ve decided the renew my blog here because the one on my webpage was limited in the readers who could see it. Worldpress will send it out to my Amazon Author Webpage, Facebook and Twitter.

I want to make it more reader centric as opposed to articles which talked about writing and gave writing tips. I will still do that but it will be something book enthusiasts might enjoy too.

The picture above is one of the images I considered using for my latest book “The P.I. Who met a Ghost.” I really should have used it as I feel it makes the cover bolder than the wispy ghost I used.

You can judge for yourself, if you like. I’m making it available here for free HERE.


The one on the left is the cover I chose. Did I make a mistake? Since the ghosts seemed more appropriate to the story I went with it. You can leave a comment with your pick at the bottom or read it first and decide.

Be sure and subscribe to this blog to keep up on book reviews, where to find more free books, and keep track of my upcoming books and sign up for my newsletter if you download the book.

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