Well, My Book is actually on Nook and Kindle at the moment

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

My new book, Bleeding Bly is now available on the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble E-Bookstore via the Nook application.

Here’s the Link for Bleeding Blue on Nook.

And Here is the link for Bleeding Blue on Amazon.  Check it out and be sure to write a review for future readers.

I thought it would be available everywhere, but I guess I have a few things to learn about the publishing business.

Bleeding Blue Better

Click The book to see it on Amazon

My publisher started the electronic publishing now because apparently it can take up to several months for some of the electronic publishers to actually publish their catalog. My print version is due sometime in March or April.

Ipad, for instance, apparently is short-staffed in its publishing department for I-books (See Holy Crap! below)  and although it has a tremendous upside, it only has 200,000 book titles available at the moment.

Other Reading services apparently also are experiencing growing pains and can take a few weeks to upload books.

This is all the result of the ever-changing world of electronic publishing. Each day there are more businesses wanting to get in on it because of the success of Amazon’s Kindle. Ipad, for instance, has recently begun touting its newest Ipad as a reading machine. However, if you try and access their format without an Ipad Reading Application, it can be difficult to search for a book.

Apple sends you through a maze of Itunes, Ibooks, and Education formats and the whole thing is confusing enough that you may just head back to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Also, for a new author to become published, you must go through an application process.

Once the application is accepted, the publisher may have to wait up to four months for approval. FOUR MONTHS! HOLY CRAP! Yes because at this point, the book has not even been submitted.

Other distributors are a little less cumbersome, but can still take a few weeks. Kobos distributes to independent Booksellers like Powell’s here in Portland, and Baker and Taylor distributes to over 36,000 libraries, retailers in more than 120 countries.

Ebook Pie, which I’ve never heard of before, has 300,000 online titles, gives you an idea how behind the curve Apple is.

I’m sure things will improve soon, but until then you may have to wait a bit longer to get that next best seller.

  1. Cindy HIday says:

    Who is your publisher, Don? I’m surprised at the delay. When I published via Kindle and Smashwords, my ebooks were available almost immediately. Smashwords publishes all the formats you mentioned.

    • Don Weston says:

      Smashwords had me up and running right away, but it took eight days before i was accepted into the premium catalog that includes Ipad, Sony, Kobos, and would have included Nook, but we did that separately. Now it is on all; e-reader formats or you can download it on your computer at Smashwords as a PDF

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