My Billie Bly Short Story proves popular on Kindle

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Over 250 people took advantage of my free download of  Death Fits Like A Glove over the last weekend and 25 of those came from Great Britain. I also had downloads from Denmark and France.

To celebrate, I’ve lowered the price to 99 cents(from the original price of $2.99) to keep the momentum going. If you read the story–and several of you have– pass the word on to your friends and suggest they check it out. I have talked with several people who were enthralled with the story and the dramatic ending, who have already suggested their friends buy it. And several people have purchased it since the promotion ended.

I also have submitted it to Kindle Singles as a short story to be featured in their Singles program. The difference between my putting it on Kindle, and Amazon adopting it is that they will push it on their promotions and make it easier to see for those browsing for a good read. They also pay me more than I’d be making now for each sale. If accepted, likely the price would go up to $1.99, but I don’t want to go there yet. Lets see what happens.

It takes up to 30 days for Amazon to review a submission and make a decision, much like a magazine publisher. Since it already has been turned down by Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines (their loss) I’m not going to be devastated if Amazon turns me down, but I DO have a positive vibe about it. I think its good, but the national magazines only have so much space and they receive hundreds of submissions a week.

So tell your friends to buy it now on Kindle while the price is reduced and before it goes up again if Amazon wants to add it to their periodical section.  Links for Death Fits Like A Glove are listed in the post below.


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