Wordstock is getting cooler

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
audience for john hodgman's talk, wordstock 2008

Wordstock Audiences Grow

I volunteered at Wordstock recently and was amazed to see how much it has grown over the last four years. There are more vendors, more writers speaking and more readers.

The event featured six writer’s stages including one for children. I was a stage manager for the McMenamins stage on Saturday afternoon and we averaged 65-85 participants for each panel. There were single authors and multiple author panels and the attendees got their money’s worth.

So did I. Rather than sitting at home or even milling around the venue, I put myself front and center by involving myself in Portland’s largest forum for good writing and reading. I saw some friends there and networked with some writers.

And I wondered why each time I go to one of this author forums, I wind up seeing Phillip Margolin, a Portland legal thriller author who has been on the New York Times best seller list more years than I have been writing. Yep, he was on one of my panels. I’ve met him or bumped into him probably a dozen times at various conventions, author readings or other events. The last time was at a Friends of Mystery meeting.

I use these meetings, seminars, and author speakers to keep my writing fires stoked. They send me back to my current project, which today is the mystery duo Max and Maxine Star in my newest effort entitle “The Hollywood Detectives,” set in Portland. The title? The plot involves a movie being made in Portland about them.


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