Oregon Writer’s Colony:The Other Writing Organization in Oregon

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Most writers in Oregon are familiar with Willamette Writers, but more than a few don’t realize there is another Writer’s organization here with a rich history.

According to its website, the Oregon Writer’s Colony was founded in 1983 by an organizing committee for “the express purpose of supporting writers and establishing a permanent writers retreat on the Oregon coast, a place where writers could go to write, a retreat for writers managed by writers.”

I remember going to Tillamook in the ’80’s for a few years and sitting in on OWC workshops on my vacation and then going to the beach. I confess I didn’t sit down and write during the afternoon sessions. But it fed my desire to write and from there I began taking writing classes at Mt. Hood Community College and participating in the college’s sponsored novel-writing critique groups.

I attended OWC’s  “A Killer Weekend” seminar/retreat with gobs of specialists in writing and police procedures and came away so impressed I decided to volunteer some time with the Colony. A few years back I joined the workshop seminar committee and helped decide and plan several workshops, including one I chaired with local mystery author April Henry.

Each month the Oregon Writer’s Colony hosts OWC presents,  a series of FREE workshops for and about writers and writing. Workshops are held the fourth Monday of each month at Looking Glass Bookstore, 7983 SE 13th Ave., Portland (in the Sellwood neighborhood) at 7 p.m.

I guess I would say that OWC offers a little more substance than Willamette Writers. It is smaller and makes do with fewer volunteers, but brings a ton of information and learning to its members. It also sponsors an annual writing contest that draws entries from all over the U.S. I was fortunate enough to get an honorable mention. For a small fee, you will even get a critique from the judges.

Lastly, for a mere $40 a year, as a member you may have access to the Colony House, a writing retreat in Rockaway where you can nourish your muse with walks on the beach, all for a very low price.

There are more advantages, but I think I’ll just let you explore on your own at: http://oregonwriterscolony.org/SecondPage.htm

The website doesn’t have a lot of information on it at the moment, but keep going back. The calendar is usually extensive and I can only guess they need more volunteers.

I plan on giving them a call to see if I can get back on the seminar committee.

  1. Helen Wand says:

    You’ve sold me on the Oregon Writer’s Colony. You did a great job writing your piece about it. Since I attended several workshops at the WW Conference earlier this month, I feel the need to study more of the craft of writing. I hope I can fit some of the Monday evening seminars into my schedule during the coming fall and winter. Thanks for the great inside, Don! Helen

  2. Doneva says:

    Do volunteer with these people, Don! They sound like genuinely good people who have great potential. You have a lot to share and sharing will also help you grow to the best-selling author I know is inside of you!

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